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Meredith-Dunn School Summer Academic Camp is designed to remediate, develop, maintain, and enrich skills of students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. It is available to outside students who do not attend Meredith-Dunn School as well as those who do attend Meredith-Dunn throughout the school year. The teachers in both sessions deliver instruction in a small group setting.

Academic Camp offers a unique and innovative approach to the summer school concept. The program strives to identify specific student needs on an individual basis and to offer programming that is most pertinent to student learning. Each child is provided a program to remediate specific needs.  We work in conjunction with students, parents, and the home school to develop an instructional plan. Small groups make learning more beneficial and personal for the struggling learner. The faculty are trained and skilled at specialized instruction. Summer Academic Camp is taught in a relaxed atmosphere making it easier for students to comprehend without stress.

Summer Academic Camp Sessions are available in the areas of reading/writing and math. Classes are held from 9:00 a.m. -12:00 a.m. daily for three weeks. Each session is approximately 90 minutes.

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