At Meredith-Dunn School, we value your child as an individual with unique strengths, weaknesses and learning patterns. So, we personalize each child’s instruction and create an environment rich in learning, growing and confidence-building opportunities. We foster a culture which holds the dignity and respect of each individual in the highest regard and we strive to help children with learning differences develop academically, socially and emotionally.

Here’s is how we do it:


The Meredith-Dunn School curriculum supports the development of the whole child by addressing the academic, social, and emotional growth of each individual. It is intended to be delivered through the selection of research-based programs and specialized instructional techniques that support students having learning differences. This curriculum is based on our belief in the importance of providing students with developmentally appropriate content and skill development in each subject area, with the understanding that many skills and concepts are taught over a period of time using progressively more challenging materials and having increased expectations for student performance. The curricular program is based on national standards and addresses content that has been aligned with that of local public and private schools from which our students transition. Students are supported in learning how to learn, how to problem solve, and how to think critically.


Our school offers a wide range of in-school and extracurricular activities to address a student interests. The opportunities provided enable students to enrich their lives, pursue interests or explore new ones. Like a home you will see the pride taken in student accomplishments. Parents and visitors often comment on the “warm feel” of the school upon entering. We strive to create a climate that reflects the value placed on connecting hearts and minds. Students participate in the visual arts, music, computer, Stretch-N-Grow classes as well as a multitude of extracurricular sports and group activities.