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Wilson Learning

As brain research develops, and researchers understand more about how children take in and retain information, Meredith-Dunn teachers and administrators are compelled to continually adjust and improve our teaching practices.

Over 90% of our current classroom teachers, and a handful of teaching assistants, are Level 1 Certified Wilson Reading System educators. Meredith-Dunn School is the only school in this region of the country whose staff is almost entirely certified.

Wilson Reading System uses an Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction. It is a highly structured approach that systematically teaches the structure of the English language to students with reading deficits. Our teachers, through the Wilson Reading System, use a multi-sensory approach (using visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile senses) to make the connection between sounds and words. Building skills over time, a student with dyslexia and other reading discrepancies progress through twelve levels to mastery.

In order to become certified, teachers have complete the equivalent of a graduate course which involved hours of learning, observations and hands-on training.

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