One-to-One Tutoring

The focus on our one-to-one tutoring program is to provide remediation in areas of difficulty or to help maintain the level of academic achievement that has been obtained over the course of the school year.  Tutoring sessions are individualized and based on the specific needs of the student. Tutoring hours are flexible and based on the needs of each student.  Tutoring is available to students in grades 1st -12th .

Tutoring sessions are typically held after the school day, or during summer break.  Sessions are taught by a fully credited, specially trained Meredith-Dunn School teacher.  Sessions are scheduled according to the student’s and instructor’s availability and typically last for one hour.

Fee Schedule

Registration Fee  $25.00 per student

Hourly Rates:  $45.00 Supportive Tutoring:  $65.00 – Remedial Tutoring Sessions

For more information or to schedule tutoring sessions, please contact Mrs. Ashley Ward, (502) 456-5819,e xt. 212 or email