Meredith-Dunn Diagnostic Center

If your child is not learning, or is struggling in class, there may be a very valid reason.  We believe that all children want to learn — that the drive to achieve and succeed is innate.  Demystifying a student’s learning is critical to success. Students should know and understand their particular learning profile, how to advocate for themselves in a learning environment and how to capitalize on their strengths.  We can give them the insight they need to do so.

The Meredith-Dunn Diagnostic Center provides a comprehensive cognitive-educational-perceptual evaluation that identifies the student’s learning style, strengths and special learning needs.  We then prepare a detailed report on the findings to help your child’s teacher tailor their instruction to support his/her learning style.

After the evaluation and assessment, we will sit down with you and explain not just what’s wrong, but what is working well.  We will recommend strategies, specific areas that need work, and what a specialized learning plan should include. Our diagnosticians will also meet with your child’s teachers to help develop an educational support plan.

Fee Schedule:

Comprehensive Cognitive/Educational/Perceptual:               $750.00 (ages 6 to 16)         $850.00 (age 17+)

Comprehensive with ADHD/ADD Screen:                                     $800.00 (ages 6 to 16)         $900.00 (age 17+)

Comprehensive Cognitive/Ed with Emotional/Behavioral   $1,075.00 (ages 6 to 16)          $1,150.00 (age 17+)

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Mrs. Jane Ratterman at (502) 456-5819, ext. 266 or email