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More Than Just a School

At Meredith-Dunn, we strive to offer programs and services to benefit all of the children and families of the greater Louisville metropolitan area. Not every student who needs a little help requires a specialized school to boost their academic performance. With that in mind, we have created services that offer the specialized skills of our faculty and professionals, to students who do not attend our day school. These services include:


Two very different tutoring programs are provided to students who are in need of a little boost and specialized academic help.

Supportive Tutoring

Meredith-Dunn School faculty offer help with homework, study skills, and general reinforcement of the classroom curriculum. Our faculty will be happy to work with your student’s teacher to identify skills that need bolstering, and to work toward strengthening those skills.

Remedial Tutoring

This level of tutoring helps to remediate a student’s learning. This is a higher order of tutoring that teaches a student how to learn, addresses learning difficulties and helps to develop strategies for learning. Our faculty will help to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses and will teach approaches specific to your child’s learning profile.

Summer Academic Program

Each summer two summer educational programs are offered:

MeredithDunn summer 2019

Summer School

For students having completed Kindergarten through 5th grade. This program offers reinforcement of the curricular material offered at the student’s grade level.

Summer Workshops

For students entering middle school, grades 6 through 9. Workshops address specific curricular areas (i.e. Math, Language Arts), as well as organizational skills, study skills, etc.

Click HERE for Summer Academic Program application (printable).

Diagnostics & Evaluations

In order to truly understand a student’s learning abilities, their strengths and weaknesses, a psycho-educational evaluation is required. This evaluation provides a complete, detailed understanding of a student’s learning profile, as well as means of addressing any learning differences and/or disabilities that may exist. Please follow this link for more information: Meredith-Dunn Evaluation & Diagnostic Center.

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