Meredith-Dunn School

Step One:   Determining the Need

Meredith-Dunn School serves children with average or above cognitive abilities with diagnosed learning differences. To be considered for admission, Meredith-Dunn School requires a psycho-educational assessment that identifies a specific learning disability and the nature of the support that is needed.  A psycho-educational evaluation measures  a student’s cognitive and academic abilities.  This evaluation must have been administered within the last 3 years.  If the student has not been tested, our Director of Admissions can provide a list of test providers in the area.

Step Two:  Visit

This is an opportunity for parents/guardians to gain a better understanding of our school and the specific programs we offer.  Parents will meet with our Director of Admissions to discuss how our school can meet the child’s specific learning needs. We will also take a tour of the campus, classrooms, and observe our school programs in action.

To schedule a visit, contact Anne Eddins, Director of Admissions, at 502-456-5819 ext. 203 or

Step Three: Shadowing

The student is invited to spend half a day in a classroom to experience our Meredith-Dunn School program firsthand.  We encourage the student to participate in reading, spelling, and math programs in the morning, as well as SOS, our study skills program. The visit concludes with lunch (our treat!) and recess, to give the student a feel for social interactions and outdoor activities.  After the shadow visit, our teachers will provide feedback to our admissions staff regarding the student’s day to share with the parents.

Step Four:  Application

Once the admissions process is complete, we will send the parent a link to our online application. We also submit a request for records from the student’s current school,  including an IEP, and/or a 504 Plan, if applicable.  A Teacher Questionnaire is sent to the child’s school for additional feedback from a current teacher.

Step Five:  Enrollment

After the records are received, we will offer an enrollment contract.  If the student is transferring during the current school year, a start date will be determined and class placement is finalized.

Tuition and Financial Aid:


The tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $15,330.  A $500 registration fee is required at the time of enrollment to finalize admission. The registration fee is applied to the student’s use of a Chromebook or iPad for the year, field trip fees, text books, and end-of-year standardized testing.  Payment options are available through FACTS Tuition Management.  If a student is transferring during the current school year, a prorated tuition will be applied to the enrollment contract.

Financial Aid:

Meredith-Dunn School offers financial aid for families based on financial need.  The application deadline is March 31  for the following school year.  An adjusted enrollment contract will be sent to the family to confirm the financial aid award.  Meredith-Dunn School provides up to half the amount of tuition for financial assistance. To request a financial aid application, please contact our business office at 502-456-5819 ext. 206 or email


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