Although testimonials are typically written by adults …. we think our students say it best:














Parents have something to say as well……

Mr. Owens writes “As a parent, one of our main concerns is to make sure our child is understood.  When our child struggles, the entire family struggles.  We started to feel as though we were headed towards a crisis situation.  We tried every strategy under the sun, but nothing was working. Then we visited Meredith-Dunn and everything changed.  It’s not just a slogan when they suggested they could help us find our child again.  We have our son back.  He is thriving academically, socially, and emotionally.  He has his confidence back.  We are truly grateful to the faculty and staff for what they have helped our son accomplish.” 

Jordan’s dad says:  “I am so proud to say that Meredith-Dunn is where my son Jordan attends school.  We had a rough start our first years of education, so we were looking for a place that could help him achieve his academic goals and had him looking forward to attending school.  Thank God for Meredith-Dunn.  The staff and teachers are incredible.  They focus on the needs of the kids and find strategies to help them along in their educational endeavors, whether that means to differentiate class work or find more challenging activities.  They also work on building their classroom community (through PeaceBuilders) so that kids get the social skills they need to become better human beings in society. I can tell you this, my son smiles every morning when he goes to school.  He loves to learn and feels like he is part of a family.”  

Ms. Mattingly offers this “I have been very impressed with Meredith-Dunn.  I feel good that my son is in an environment where his learning and social needs are addressed.  I am very grateful for the positive atmosphere among the staff, parents, and teachers.  The PeaceBuilder pledge demonstrates what Meredith-Dunn represents.” 

Mrs. Clark emailed this to us:  “I don’t know where to begin about the wonders of Meredith-Dunn and what this school has done for my daughter.  Our daughter was put out in the hall to finish assignments by herself at her previous school.  She would cry every day.  The kids didn’t understand her and she was bulllied and made fun of.  When I picked her up the day she shadowed Meredith-Dunn she told me she couldn’t wait to start the next day.  She told me how kind the teachers and children were to her.  She told me this was the school for her.  She couldn’t wait to start!  My daughter has had an amazing 2 years so far.  When I drop her off and pick her up she has the biggest smile on her face!  The teachers and staff are very loving and kind.  They tailor to each child.  That amazes me.  Her reading and math skills have vastly improved and she is getting more confident in her academic skills and social skills.  There is such a wonderful support system in this school.  We would be lost without Meredith-Dunn.”

David’s Mom wrote:  “… (Students) feel safe at Meredith-Dunn.  Not just physically but also emotionally and academically.  They are able to learn and work to the best of their abilities.  When our son graduated last spring we both were concerned how prepared he would be for high school.  Going from such a small school to such a large high school could be a problem for anyone and even more so for a student with learning differences.  Even though we were assured he would do fine, we were skeptical.  I am proud to report that he made First Honors for the first quarter Honor Roll.  It wasn’t easy but he did it.  Looks like the teachers and staff and Meredith-Dunn School were correct!”  

Tiffany’s Mom said:  “I want to take this time to thank Meredith-Dunn and all the faculty for my daughter’s education and growth.  I am extremely grateful for a school such as Meredith-Dunn.”