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The mission of Meredith-Dunn School is to provide prescriptive instruction in a nurturing environment designed to empower students who learn differently in becoming confident learners and resilient individuals.

Why does my child struggle?

You know your child, she is bright and kind and happy — at home. So why does she struggle in school? Why is it so difficult for her to make friends? Why is homework time filled with tears and frustration? Why does he know all the information and still fail the test? Why can’t he seem to turn in those worksheets, or find his paperwork? And why is reading so difficult? These are questions we hear from parents all the time.

There are many reasons a child could be struggling to learn in a typical classroom. At Meredith-Dunn School, we understand that children who learn differently, need to be taught differently. And that is what we do best. If your child is found to have a learning difference, it is not enough to simply accommodate their learning. It is essential to a student’s success to remediate their learning by providing instruction that is individualized – designed to build on his/her individual strengths and to build strategies to strengthen areas of weakness. And it takes a full team of specialized, highly trained, caring teachers and staff to make this happen.

If your child is struggling, the proverbial square peg in a round hole, don’t despair. At Meredith-Dunn School, our teachers don’t force a child to fit into the program …. We change the program to fit the child. A learning difference requires a teaching difference.

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    The sun is shining on the bright future for students at the Meredith-Dunn School.

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    We have a highly certified staff of 57 instructing a group of approximately 200 students.

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    We provide a nurturing environment to make it safe to learn.

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